10 Reasons El Nido Palawan is Ideal for Solo Travelers

What is ideal for me may not be ideal for you. It really depends on the person’s interests and purpose of travel. However, I believe El Nido Palawan is ideal for any type of traveling whether it is for honeymoon, destination wedding, getaway with friends, work holiday, family vacation and of course, solo trip.

1. English-Speaking Locals

I stayed in El Nido for only two days and surely I wasn’t able to talk to a lot of people. But the ones that I was able to talk to are polite, friendly and willing to help. They are also willing to give suggestions even if I didn’t ask for it. Absolutely no language barrier. If you’re a foreigner, the locals speak fluent English. And for me, they talk to me in Tagalog.

El Nido Solo Traveling
El Nido Friendly Locals

2. Catholic Community

The culture is relaxed and no need to worry about following a lot of religious rules. You can wear casual clothes and a little skin exposure won’t be an issue. Although it’s better if you don’t walk in the town proper wearing only bikinis. At least wear a cover.

El Nido Solo Traveling
Inside El Nido Saint Francis of Assisi Parish

3. Generally Safe

I traveled alone in El Nido and I can’t remember a moment when I felt unsafe. All the time I felt safe. From Puerto Princesa to El Nido, I took the night trip van ride and there was a buffer zone or check point. Not sure if those are police officers wearing civilian clothes. They just asked the passengers if everyone is okay. For me, this is a good sign that the local government is concerned about the safety of tourists. Note: Always read news and travel advisory before visiting a place.

El Nido Solo Traveling
El Nido is safe for solo traveling

4. Different Choices for Accommodation

If you’re on a budget, you can stay in a hostel or in a fan room for only 550 pesos or about 11 USD. If you prefer something fancy, there are luxury hotels that can meet your expectations. I used Agoda to find the perfect accommodation for me.

El Nido Solo Traveling
El Nido Affordable Accomodation

5. Lots of Activities

If you’re adventurous, island hopping won’t bore you. There are 45 islands to visit. Choose from Tours a, b, c and d depending on what particular island you want to explore. Each island hopping tour lasts an entire day from 9 AM to 4 PM. Some activities included are kayaking, snorkeling and diving. If you’re non-adventurous like me, a day-tour to Nacpan and Las Cabanas is a relaxing experience.

El Nido Solo Traveling
El Nido island hopping tour

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