Hi! My name is Eve. I’m not a traveler. I’m also not a writer.

Before I created this blog, I was very happy with my lifestyle. I work 40 hours a week or more, and during my spare time, I read books or I watch Korean dramas. On rare occasions, I go out with my friends. I consider myself very lucky to have a simple and peaceful life in Manila.

However, my perception changed in August 2016. I began to question if this is really the kind of life that I want to have. Am I really happy? Five years from now, would I still be happy with this kind of life? Suddenly, I felt so scared and so lonely.

I realized that it has to change. I must change. Problem is … I don’t know how. So I prayed and asked God to change my life. The answer to my prayer came on January 1st of 2017. I saw promo plane tickets on Facebook and I booked.

I hope and pray that this is the beginning of a new life for me. Traveling is my new source of excitement 🙂 I would like to write about my experiences and share it here on my blog. Maybe I will travel locally at least 3 times a year. I also hope to meet new friends so please say hello 🙂

P.S. English is not my mother tongue. Please forgive my grammar errors. Happy traveling!

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