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The birthday blog post: Mini Self-Care, Luneta Children’s Park, and My First Boracay Experience

Hello! It’s my birthday month. I turned 34 years old last August 8 and my feelings are a mixture of thankfulness, gratitude, excitement and a little bit of fear.

Thankful because I’m still alive. There are so many things that I am able to do and dreams to pursue just because I’m still breathing. Life is God’s best gift!

Afraid because this is not the life I had envisioned for myself when I was younger. I thought I would be having my own family at this age.

Anyway, not knowing the future and not having lived exactly the way I want to, is an invitation to trust Jesus. So I really don’t want to dwell on my fears.

There are too many blessings to be thankful for 🙂

The Mini Self-Care Project

Don’t be like me! At my age, I am just starting to learn TRUE SELF LOVE – not just physically but as well as mentally, financially, spiritually and emotionally. I’m learning to keep my thoughts positive which is really difficult to do because I have the tendency to worry about everything.

I’m also an empath. I absorb people’s emotions like when I watch the news on TV and I see people crying, it really breaks my heart and it takes days before I can recover from that feeling. It’s a real challenge to keep positive thoughts.

My hair got its first ever rebond treatment and I’m liking the results. I wake up in the morning and I don’t have to comb my hair. Haha!

Last year, I underwent root canal treatment on one of my molars and now it’s painful again. An x-ray was taken and the doctor decided that it’s a hopeless case. Huhuhu. The molar was extracted on my birthday. Goodbye, molar. Thanks for becoming part of my life!

Also, I dropped by the church for a quick soul detox aka the Sacrament of Reconciliation 🙂

About money, I was too lazy to work on part-time jobs since July. This means I don’t have savings. No. I’m never lazy. Let me correct that. LOL! It’s just that my body is begging for some rest.

And “rest” for me means no part-time jobs. But I’m starting to regain strength and I’m ready to work hard again. My goal is to save all of my earnings from my part-time job and use it for my future travels.

The Birthday Note:

Whatever your age is, take care of yourself especially if you’re a woman because nobody else is going to do that better than you. Not even your partner. My mom always told me this but I just ignored her.

Now, I learned it the hard way. So I focus on my self first before other people. Self-care is a big responsibility. It’s TRUE!! Take care of yourself and make it a priority. Nobody else will do it for you. Learn it now and apply it in your life while you’re still young.

A relaxed morning at the Luneta Children’s Park

I invited my siblings to go to Luneta Park. It’s the most affordable way to celebrate my 34th birthday. Children’s Park entrance fee is P10 per person (adult/child). And there’s really not much to spend money for.

There’s a Puregold branch somewhere in Bocobo Street. We bought P350 worth of snacks. I also gave my brother P300 for gasoline. That’s it. My nephews and nieces are the happiest kids. If ever you drop by Manila, visit Luneta Children’s Park.

My First Boracay Experience

So I’m still bitter because all my Boracay photos are gone. It’s my fault and this is a lesson learned the hard way. Next time, I’ll use a USB where I can store my photos or just upload the photos to my Flickr account right away. But you probably know how slow the internet is in the Philippines, right?

Making comparisons is nonsense but here is my humble opinion:

If Boracay and El Nido are women … I would say that El Nido is prettier. She’s prim and proper. Quiet and elegant. She’s an introvert. On the other hand, Boracay is attractive. She’s wild and outgoing. Loud and exciting. She’s the extrovert type.

Funny coz on my first day, I got lost. I was on the other side of the island – Bolabog Beach. LOL. I was searching for the Grotto but couldn’t find it. So I ended up joining the island hopping tour. Banners indicate P1,500 fee but a lady approached me and she said it’s only P650 lunch included.

Later that day, I finally found my way to D’Mall as I was looking for a place to have dinner. It made me really excited because I saw fire dancers and I love the sound of the beach waves at night. I’m not into night life or parties or alcohol, tho.

What I didn’t like about Boracay …

The trash floating on the water. It’s scandalous. Imagine empty wrappers of junk food floating on the crystal clear water of Boracay – it’s a shame 🙁

What I love about Boracay …

Convenience. Everything is there. Plus it’s not too far away. When I went to El Nido, I felt like I was going to the ends of the Earth which is really cool because that was my first solo trip and it added drama to my experience. But if I just want white beach and I don’t want to travel too far away, I’ll go back to Boracay.

Happy traveling!



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