How I spent my P7,500 Boracay budget on a solo trip

My friend said her Boracay budget was 25K for a 5-day stay. I don’t have that amount of money for travelling but still I wanted to go. So I went to Boracay last June 2-5, 2017 and I would like to share the details of my expenses. Without further ado, here it is:

Day 1 Manila to Kalibo

Airport Bus Robinson’s Place to NAIA T4 P150
Airport snacks P89
Van + Boat to Kalibo P250
Environment fee P75
Terminal fee P100
Dinner 0

Day 2 Island Hopping Activity

Shampoo, toothpaste + face powder P70
Breakfast at Ministop P130
Cellphone case P100
Island Hopping Tour + Lunch P600
Crystal Cove Island Entrance fee P200
Ice cream P60
Dinner at Mcdo P150

Day 3 Beaching and Swimming All Day

Breakfast at Andoks P150
Selfie stick P350
Jonah’s shake P140
Lunch at Mcdo P240
Snacks at Master Siomai P70
Dinner at 7-Eleven P150

Day 4 Kalibo to Manila

Tricycle to Jetty Port P100
Boat P25
Terminal fee P100
Van to Kalibo P100
Tricycle to Airport P100
Airport terminal fee P200
Airport bus NAIA T3 to Robinson P150
Breakfast 0

Round trip Airfare Manila-Kalibo-Manila P2,100
Accommodation 3-night hostel bed space P1,350

Total Damage: P7,299

Cheap Airfare is the Best!

I love Cebu Pacific because they make flying affordable 🙂 Although there were changes in my flight schedule, I’m not really annoyed because I made myself flexible during that day. I took a day off from work and the manager was fine with it. Without promo airfare, I won’t be able to afford this trip or any other trip.

Unnecessary Expense and A Potential Scam

I regret not bringing my waterproof cellphone case and selfie stick. Because of that, I had to spend an extra P450 during my trip. In Manila, selfie stick is only worth P100 in Divisoria. But in Boracay? It’s worth P350! And the vendor was even trying to scam me 🙁 He showed me a different color of the product and told me that one is of higher quality worth P450. Talk about the ugly ways people make money.

Unlimited Food Options!

In Boracay, cheap food is not a problem. That’s what I discovered! I’m a solo traveler or vacationer (whatever you wish to call me), and I have a very tight budget. Good thing, I had plenty of options. There are Ministops, 7-Elevens, McDo, Andoks, Master Siomai, and I also saw a number of bakeries. Other options include: Yellow Cab, Starbucks, Shakeys, and actually a lot more! And yes, these establishments are located near the white beach.

A Clean and Comfortable Hostel Bed Space

I stayed at Chill Out Hostel located in Station 1 Boracay. I don’t regret it. I’m happy I chose it. I was worried about my age since I read that hostels have age restriction for guests, but while I was there, I didn’t feel awkward. I stayed in a room with two other girls. One is Korean and the other is European. We’re just civil, polite and casual. The Korean girl was the one who would always start a conversation and her English was perfect. My bed was fine and the bathroom was also nice. They also offer free breakfast and wifi + air condition.

Boracay Activities for Solo Travelers

As a solo traveler, Boracay has plenty of activities to offer. I could have tried helmet diving, banana boat ride, parasailing, diving, snorkeling, or in-land activities. However, due to time and budget constraints, I chose to spend my first day for island hopping tour and the second day for my alone time by the beach. It’s far from adventurous but I’m happy with how I spent my short vacation. And for an introvert like me, this entire solo traveling is already a BIG ADVENTURE! 🙂

The Phone Tragedy

I dropped my phone in the waters 🙁 Now it’s not functioning and doesn’t charge at all. I’m so heart broken because I took lots of photos and now all those travel photos are possibly gone forever. I even took a photo of me wearing a swimwear and I love it. Told myself that when I turn 70 years old, I will look at that photo and smile. And it’s probably gone. All travel photos gone. 🙁 I contacted the company where I purchased the phone and they said they will fix it. That’s my only hope.

Can I still minimize my Boracay budget?

Yes. Minus P450 if I brought my waterproof phone case and selfie stick with me. I can save another P150 if I didn’t choose the “Special” tricycle rides. Other than that, all my other expenses are necessary 🙂



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