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Hostel age restriction for guests: Am I too old to stay in a hostel?

I am currently doing some preparations for my next solo trip. Where to? Boracay! I have been dreaming about this beach since I was small and finally, hopefully, God willing … I’m going to see this paradise soon. I’m very excited except that I’m worried about hostel age restriction because I’m not so young anymore.

Roundtrip airfare Manila-Kalibo-Manila via Cebu Pacific

I used to think promo airfares happen once in a blue moon. Now I learned the pleasant truth: Cebu Pacific is on sale like every month. I subscribed to their news letter and I get notifications that they have promo seats available. I even saw Taipei promo for only 1900 pesos round trip. But I didn’t avail it since I’m not ready for an international trip.

Worries about hostel age restriction

I booked and confirmed a 3-night hostel accommodation for only 1,400 pesos. My first option was to stay in a fan room for 1,750 pesos. But last minute, I changed my mind and opted for a hostel. Reason was I wanted to meet new friends. Yes, I’m an introvert but I also want to socialize sometimes.

Okay. This is difficult to explain. If you want to know the truth, I’m not comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a room with strangers. I’m an introvert and still painfully shy at the age of 33. However, I told myself that I should experience staying in a hostel at least once in my life and this is probably the perfect opportunity.

So what’s the problem? I was reading articles about staying in a hostel, dos and don’ts, safety, respect for roommates, etc. And I found out that hostels are more appropriate for younger people. Well sort of. So I checked again the website of the hostel where I plan to stay and they didn’t specify the age limit for guests.

I don’t know. Now I am having doubts and starting to get uncomfortable. This is something that I didn’t consider when choosing the right accommodation. How was I supposed to know that age is important? But there’s no turning back. I already paid for my bed space and Agoda said it’s non-refundable. I just hope my roommates aren’t going to care that I’m old. *crossed-fingers

I have zero savings this month

I have a side hustle to support my solo vacations. However, I was not able to maximize time for my other job because of distractions. Instead of doing my number 2 job, I got busy watching Goblin on Youtube. This is clearly a lack of self-discipline on my part.

So now I don’t have extra cash. My pocket money for my Boracay trip will be deducted from my savings. I broke the golden rule which is to:

Keep my savings intact. Work a second job to support my solo trips.

I’m really annoyed at myself. But for now there’s nothing I can do about it. I broke the rule. This shouldn’t happen EVER again. PROMISE!

Boracay solo trip for 3 nights and 2.5 days

I just want to relax, eat, read a book and bathe in the beach. No other activities for me like parasailing or banana boat riding though helmet diving is something I’m thinking of. Just so I can impress my nephews with my underwater photos. No night life since I’m not into that kind of stuff.

How to inform your manager you’re going to be on vacation

I haven’t informed the managers yet that I will be taking a day off for my solo vacation. Not sure how am I going to inform them since I already used 4 days off since January 2017. This is a big problem! I don’t want to lie and say I have an emergency when in fact I’m just in Boracay. If you know what I mean. As much as possible, I want to be honest. This job is my source of income and I want to respect it. Now I’m in trouble. Aside from being worried about hostel age restriction, I’m also worried about the managers!

My swimwear obsession: monokinis and one-piece bathing suits

I was not able to wear this bathing suit when I wen to El Nido because I had sunburn. I hope to wear it in my upcoming Boracay trip.

After my El Nido solo trip, I learned that I’m obsessed with bathing suits particularly one-piece. The first time I ever wore a swimwear was in 7 Commandos Island. I love how it made swimming more comfortable and I also like that it was quick-to-dry and I don’t have to carry wet clothes in my bad. It was pleasant to look at, too.

So now I saw a cute one-piece boy-leg swimwear in Divisoria and I wanted to buy it. But I decided to wait another week to think about it. Do I really need a new swimwear because I already have two bathing suits and I can wear them again when I visit Boracay. I don’t want added expenses since I have zero savings for this month. But my heart is telling me: Buy it! Wear it, take nice photos and when you’re old, you’ll see these photos and smile. Wow. I think my heart has a convincing argument. I wish it can also give me advise about hostel age restriction …

Note: Now I remember. I stayed in a hostel-dormitory in Puerto Princesa. Can’t emphasize how scared I was. It’s like didn’t I share a room with anyone because I was alone the entire night. Next time I stay in a hostel, I would like to meet people, be friends and maybe even just talk to them. The name was Airportside Inn and hostel age restriction was not an issue.



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