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Introvert life: My work, money, health and other general things

It’s been a busy month for me and it’s going to get busier in the following months. My introvert life is probably far from interesting but hey, I have a life 😀 Also, I had to remove my photo in the About page. I will upload it again once I’m more confident about myself.


Well, I don’t want to blog about my work. I just want to say that I’m drowning. So maybe it’s a bad idea to work on two projects at the same time. But I need to earn more to support my new obsession which is traveling.


Everything’s good.


Almost 4 months have passed and I haven’t visited again the Sacrament of Confession (Reconciliation). I have two regrets in life. First, I stopped going to Confession from age 21-27. I deeply regret it. When I look back and think about those years, I see myself as a lost soul. Now I’m bothered when I don’t confess. The second regret is kind of difficult to explain so I’ll probably write a separate post for that.

Travel plans

  • For only P2,300, I book a round-trip flight tickets for Taiwan. But now I’m having problems with my travel documents. So I might just postpone the trip and focus on fixing my papers. Yes. I booked tickets without a passport. Hihi.
  • Now that I think about my dream Japan vacation, I have to ask myself again if this is doable. A month has passed and I haven’t saved a peso yet.
  • Why is Batanes so expensive? A trip abroad is more affordable. Imagine if the Philippines had a railway system similar to Japan. We’d only need a train ride to the ends of Luzon then a ferry ride to Batanes. Haay. Wishful thinking.


  • Stocks, mutual funds, dividends, etc. These are the things that I have been reading about since last year and I want to open an account before 2017 ends. How I wish I did this when I was younger but now I’m turning 34 years old soon and I feel like I’m so left behind. Thank God it’s never too late to start.
  • Business hasn’t been good for the last three months. What can I do? I’m just getting by and not being able to save money. Working in the freelance industry is so unpredictable.

My Phone

Did I mention I dropped my phone in the water during my solo Boracay trip? Yes. It was damaged and it stopped working. I sent it back to the seller (Lazada). Two weeks later and my phone is not yet fixed. Can’t wait to see my Boracay photos! Hoping also that the technician won’t reset the phone or delete my files.


Facebook is never my thing. When it comes to social media, I like Pinterest, Youtube and Quora because I learn a lot from these platforms. So recently, I answered a question in Quora and I got 2000+ upvotes! Until now, I still can’t believe that people upvoted my answer. This is such a humbling experience.


  • Why can’t I stay away from Coke and the likes? The reason why I’ve been drinking a lot of soft drinks is because the weather in Manila is so hot. It still feels like summer and I crave for coke. It’s not good for my health and makes my belly big. Not only that. It increases my chances of having diabetes in the future. An article also said that coke makes our bones brittle.
  • My dental health is also not good. Last year, I underwent RCT (root canal treatment). Now that particular tooth is painful again! What should I do? My sister told me it’s better to have it pulled right away than to wait for the infection to get worse. Can I just kill the clinician who performed my RCT? Joke! Haha.

My life is out of order, but I’m doing something to have the issues fixed. Before my El Nido trip, I was like, “Okay, my life is all messed up. I will fix it someday.” Next month. Next year. Next lifetime?

But now I’m a different person. After my first ever solo travel, I told myself, “I have to do it now!” Slowly, I am trying to put things in order. Step-by-step. My finances. My health. My travel documents. My friends. And just my life in general.

Good luck to me!




  • Felicia Li

    Greetings from another introvert from Shenzhen, China who started her solo trip two years ago. To some extent, it changed the way of thinking and also the way of my living and made me feel I could do anything that means something to myself and not care about what others think. Hope you enjoy your life and your trips as well.

    • Eve

      Hello, Felicia! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 Travelling changed my life, too. Thank you for your kind words.

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