10 Little Known Ways to Enjoy Manila, Philippines (Introvert Style)

6. Drop by the National Library of the Philippines

Manila Day Trip
National Library of the Philippines. Source of photo:,_Feb_14.JPG

Located in T.M. Kalaw, Ermita, Manila, the National Library of the Philippines is the go-to place for bookish and geeky tourists. Get a library card worth P150 and visit the Filipiniana and Rizaliana Sections. The library is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, for a limited number of people. More info here: NLP

7. Have lunch at Adobo Connection or The Aristocrat

Manila Day Trip
Chicken adobo. Source of photo:

Pork/chicken adobo is a national favorite dish. I would say that home-cooked adobo is the best. If you don’t have friends in Manila to cook for/with you, try this Filipino restaurant that serves different types of Adobo –  spicy, classic or gata (with coconut milk). The Aristocrat is another restaurant where awesome Filipino food is served.

8. Visit the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Manila Day Trip
CCP Complex. Source of photo:

Watch a cultural show, ballet, opera, musical, art exhibition or indie film at CCP Complex. If you’re interested in Filipino arts and culture, you shouldn’t miss visiting CCP. Check out this link for interesting shows: CCP

9. Ride a  jeepney or LRT for your Manila day trip

Manila Day Trip
Manila Jeepney. Source of photo:

The traffic in Manila is horrible. What’s the workaround? Do your Manila day trip on a Sunday. The roads are almost empty. Sunday is a family day for most Filipinos.

Why ride a jeep if you can take a cab or Uber? Save money on transportation and get a unique experience.

10. Visit MOA Bay Area

Manila Day Trip
Mall of Asia. Source of Photo:

MOA Bay Area is a great place to see the spectacular sunset of Manila. You might want to visit on a weekday to avoid the crowd. You’re going to enjoy live music and nice restaurants around the place. Visiting this area is a great way to end your Manila day trip.



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