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How to apply for NBI Clearance Renewal online and save time

NBI Clearance is a very important document here in the Philippines. It is a proof that you don’t have criminal record. At least that’s how I understand its purpose. If you don’t have government-issued IDs, many establishments including banks accept this as a replacement. But the thing about getting a copy is that it is time-consuming and quite a tedious task.

Imagine yourself lining up in Padre Faura main office for several hours just to get a copy of your NBI Clearance. It’s really exhausting. Good thing now we have the option to apply for this paper online. First time applicants as well as renewals can avail this online processing system. In fact, when I went to Faura last April, I was forced to go home since the guard told me they are no longer accepting applicants without online appointment.

NBI clearance renewal online appointment

So anyway, here’s how you can apply for NBI Clearance Renewal online:

Step 1

Prepare your old NBI Clearance document. In the upper left corner, you can find your NBI ID Number. This is necessary in order to retrieve your profile.

Step 2

Visit this website link: Note: Applicable only on 2014-2016 NBI Clearances

Step 3

Register using a valid email address. Note that you have two options. If you have an old NBI clearance, click YES and if there is none, like this is your first time, click NO. Then just fill up the fields accordingly.NBI clearance renewal online appointment

Step 4

Sign in to see your profile. Check all information and make sure all data is accurate.

Step 5

Click “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE.” Input the type of ID that you plan to present when you claim the document. Then click “AGREE” to confirm that all details are true and accurate.NBI clearance renewal online appointment

Step 6

Choose the NBI branch or satellite where you plan to claim the document. Choose also the date and time.NBI clearance renewal online appointment

Step 7

Choose a payment method. In my case, I chose 7-Eleven.NBI clearance renewal online appointment

Step 8

Get your reference number and pay it.NBI clearance renewal online appointment

Step 9

Visit the branch on your scheduled appointment to claim your NBI clearance.

Step 10

Present your reference number when you claim your copy. You will be taken photo and biometrics. You may claim it that same day or they may ask you to return two weeks later if you are “with hit”.

Was I able to save time using this online NBI clearance renewal system?

Honest answer? I’m not sure. I chose to claim the document at Robinson’s Ermita. It took me 2.5 hours just lining up and being taken my photo and biometrics. I believe they can still find ways to simplify the process and minimize the time spent for the entire process. Maybe this is the beginning. If anything, I saved energy. Yes, I lined up for more than two hours but there are chairs so basically the applicants are sitting the entire time. But I heard the other applicants saying this new online system is a huge time-saver so … yeah. Maybe it is really a time-saving process.

Are you renewing your NBI Clearance soon? Please let me know how it goes. Good luck!

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