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Travel Documents and Some Third World Problems

My Travel Documents

  • Processing of SSS ID takes 3-6 months. I lost mine 4 years ago but I was too lazy to apply for a new one. Now I need it asap and I need to wait at least 3 months.
  • My new Voter’s ID will be issued on 2019. I’ve been a registered voter since I was 18 but I transferred to a different barangay 3 years ago. It will take 5 years to get my updated ID. But now I only need to wait 2 more years! #thirdworldproblems

This is the reason why I can’t apply for a passport yet. I need government-issued IDs. Processing these documents take a lot of time. My friend got her SSS ID one month after her application date. But when I asked the clerk, she said to make a follow-up after 3 months. What? #thirdworldproblems LOL!

It’s my fault. I should have processed these things long ago. Back then, I didn’t feel the need for it because I had no plans of traveling. All I wanted to do was watch Korean dramas and read books. Now things have changed.

For my passport application, I have these supporting documents:

– Form 137 (high school)
– TOR (college)

My Phone

The seller informed me that they can no longer fix my phone. They sent me a replacement for FREE. So now I have a brand new phone. Should I be happy? All my Boracay photos and videos are gone FOREVER 🙁 The weird part is that the technician was asking for my pin code so they can retrieve my photos.

But I don’t have a pin code for that phone. For login, I used fingerprint technology. I really hope there’s still a way to retrieve my photos. Right now, my only souvenir is a boat ticket + terminal fee receipt.

Update: They can’t retrieve my photos so bye bye Boracay memories 🙁 Lesson learned the hard way! I need to back up my photos right away to prevent incidents like this in the future.

Taiwan Trip Cancelled for Now

When I purchased the airline tickets, I was confident that I’d be able to process my passport within a month. But now I realized I need a lot of time to complete all documents. How much time? Sadly, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m still thankful I bought those tickets even if I won’t be able to use them. At least now I’m motivated to process my documents. Unlike before!

University Chapel

12 years later … I visited my former university to get a copy of my TOR (transcript of records) and I took some photos of the university chapel.

Call me weird, but I want to hug the 17-year old me and thank her for all her hard work and courage. Seems like only yesterday! I can imagine the young version of myself praying inside this chapel. I was 16 (going on 17) when I got the scholarship. It was the most hopeful day of my life.

Extreme poverty back then taught me to be thankful for what I have and to work hard for my dreams. Thank God for His Mercy.

There’s no God! – A Comment from Quora

It’s amazing how people are noticing my essay in Quora. One person left a comment and told me something like,

So God answered your prayer by giving you discounted tickets? There’s no God! Your life has changed because you took actions to change it.

I respect people’s beliefs 🙂 And if you want to know, there was also a time when I questioned my beliefs. Am I a Catholic because I was born in this religion? Do I believe in God just because my parents taught me so? Do I attend church merely as a social and religious responsibility?

But when I think about the events in my life, especially those that are difficult to understand, all I see is God’s infinite mercy and grace. I just know that Jesus’ love is bigger than my sins and mistakes. In spite of my struggles and failures, I trust that I am His beloved and that He has the best plan for me.

Anyway, faith is a gift. Ask for more 🙂

My Claim to Fame

Speaking of Quora, I’m surprised that some people are sending me emails just to say “Hi” and inform me that they liked my story. Honestly, I want to hide in a cave or just bury myself alive. Haha. I am embarrassed by the little attention that I am getting. But I’m also flattered and happy. It’s a mixture of emotions.

Travel Plans

It’s officially rainy season in my country. The weather is also not that hot anymore. For me, this is not the best time to travel 🙁 My friend and I wanted to visit Baguio but canceled the plan. We’re scared of the rain. LOL!

For now, I’ll just work and save money for the next couple of months. Then after the rainy season, I’ll decide where I want to go 🙂

New Blog Layout

I’m not a web developer. I just learned to make simple WordPress websites like this because I can’t afford an expert. It’s easy. But my design is ugly. LOL! My blog is using Genesis framework. To be honest, I’m not very happy with the current look of my blog but maybe I’ll settle for this until I have time to change the theme.




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