Visit Japan May 2019: Preparations and How I Plan to Save PHP100,000

I am starting on a new project and I’d like to call it: Visit Japan May 2019 🙂 There are several places in this world that I wish to visit. Paris is one of them but right now it’s too far away from the realities of my life. Japan is another place that I wish to visit. It’s also impossible for me to get a Japan visa but today I make a decision to make it possible. The question is: How?

Here are my detailed plans.

Step 1 Save money

I will need PHP100K in order to make this dream come true. I plan to visit on May 2019. That means I have less than 2 years to save up for this project. Approximately 23 months or 92 paydays since I get my salary every week. If I save PHP1100 every week, I’d be able to save a total of PHP101,200 🙂 But in order to do this, it means that I need to lessen my expenses which is currently not possible since my weekly budget is too tight already. Understand also that I am saving for my retirement. So my travel fund is different from my retirement fund. This leads me to Step 2.

Step 2 Side Hustle

Right now I have a part-time job and it’s going to end soon maybe in less than 2 weeks. I’m not sure if the client is going to extend or probably just end our contract. Good thing my client two years ago sent me a message and asked about my current rate. Looks like she is willing to hire me again 🙂 I plan to work on extra jobs to augment my income. The additional earnings will be saved for my future Japan trip.

Step 3 Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

It’s time to say goodbye to Jollibee, tee shirts, makeup, and buying things that I don’t really need. To be honest, I don’t earn much but I am very frugal with my money. And I work hard to support myself. It’s just that sometimes, I like to treat myself to eating outside and buying tee shirts and things. It’s not bad. But small things add up and before I realize it, I already spent a thousand pesos for things that aren’t really necessary. So today I should monitor those little expenses as well.

Step 4 Gather the documents

Now this is the real challenge. I imagine there will be a ton of paperwork. Aside from I need to prove that I have the financial capacity to fund my trip, I will need a lot of documents to actually prove it. I plan to start gathering and building documents starting June 2017. (Maybe) I will need to open a separate savings account for this project so I can monitor the progress. I don’t have properties to show the consul so I really must save PHP100,000. It’s my only hope. 🙁

Step 5 Visit Countries that Don’t Require Visa

Wow. So my Japan dream is really ambitious, right? Imagine in order to do that, I need to visit countries that don’t require visa. I have been reading travel blogs and they say it helps to get a visa if you’ve already visited other countries. Cebu Pacific is my solution. I will wait for promo airfares and make my trips as budgeted as possible. I also need to choose long holidays or long weekends to make it possible.

Step 6 Pray, Hope and Don’t worry

There may be unforeseen events that will come my way. What if halfway through, I will need to use my savings for a life-and-death situation? What if I lost my job? What if I can’t find a part-time job? There are many things that can happen in a span of two years. What if I die? Knock on wood! When thoughts like these cross my mind, I know I’m not in control so I just pray, hope and not worry 🙂


This is going to be far from easy but I believe this is doable. Imagine not visiting Jollibee for two years? No. I can’t do that 🙁 I need one more part-time job. But my health is most important to me! I don’t want to get sick. Since my former client is asking about my current rate, maybe I will raise my rate and that will solve everything 🙂 Good luck to me!

Can you share tips and recommendations to make my Japan dream come true? Share in the comments, please 🙂



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